Kae Tempest

Music Video

I was approached by Battersea Arts Centre to interpret Kae Tempest's award winning poem Brand New Ancients. This first extract, part one, acts an introduction to Kae's vivid world and her fated characters. The poem is 'an everyday epic', so with that in mind, I was looking to show people in everyday situations with an unreal, epic edge.

Written and Performed by: Kae Tempest

Composer: Nell Catchpole
Violin: Raven Bush
Percussion: Kwake Bass
Cello: Natasha Zielazinski
Tuba: Jo Gibson

Gloria: Lauren Johns
Tommy: Michael Stranney
Clive: Chris Starkie
Spider: George Oliver
Kevin: Stephen Kennedy
Brian: Tony Turner
Mary: Pauline Cadell
Jane: Miriam Lucia
Young Clive: Alex Ball
Young Spider: Jude Krommenhoek

Production Company: Battersea Arts Centre
Director: Joe Roberts
Director of Photography: David Liddell
Art Director: Tim Gibson
1st Assistant Director: Prano Bailey-Bond
Sound: John Hendicott
Make Up Artists: Roseanna Velin & Tati Zarubova
Wardrobe: Minna Attala
Casting Director: Katy Covell
1st Camera Assistant: Eve Carreno
Clapper / Loader: Angela Garcia Manchado
DIT: Andrew Bainbridge
Gaffer: Robert White
Spark: Steven Garray
Art Dept. Assistant: Bonnie Paddle
Art Dept. Assistant: Liz
Runner: Marianna Warley

Editor: Joe Roberts
Colourist: Scott Harris
Post Production: Glassworks Amsterdam
Shot Entirely on RED.

With thanks to: Co-Op Clapham, William Hill, Andrea Keogh, The Battersea Mess Pub